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Tours and Transfers


Once you take possession of your rental vehicle, check it carefully for any damage so you won’t be held liable for pre-existing scratches or dents. Ensure that you fully understand what you are signing for. You may not want additional insurances offered. The most important are Collision damage, and Theft. If you have your voucher with you, it will alleviate pesky problems as you will have all the necessary information at hand.


If carrying a Laptop you will need to keep it with you as hand luggage.

Book your special requirements (as well as special arrangements required for wheel chairs, small children, etc. at least 48 hours before departure to avoid disappointment.

Take note that low cost airlines need up to 24 hour notice for changes in your flight arrangements. Failing to do so may result in forfeiting of your ticket.

Make sure you always travel with a recognised form of identification e.g. passport, bar coded ID or valid drivers’ license.


Should you have a voucher, keep it handy in order to avoid delays in supplying the required information.

Booking a room:

Twin means 2 beds for 2 people sharing.

Double means 1 bed for 2 people sharing.

Some Guest houses and Bed and Breakfast do not offer dinner, or need a pre-booking for dinner requests. Check in advance if you need to make additional arrangements for dinner.


Always try to apply for and collect visas as soon as possible. Delays are frequent and you will be able to relax and look forward to your trip once you have your visa in your hand. Visas are issued by the respective embassies. Travel agents merely elevate your time by gathering the required information on your behalf, standing in queues and dropping off and collecting. We do have contacts at specific embassies, which helps to speed up the process.

Never get annoyed, angry or disrespectful at embassy officials; they can revoke your passport and deny you a visa, at the slightest provocation.


Place orders for less common currencies well in advance so that the monies can be pre ordered and received for you on time.

It is always advisable to carry some cash on your person. Credit Cards are accepted 99 % of places though.

Remember coins cannot be changed back! Rather just spend them. 


Please make sure you understand the policy.

Ask if you need more clarification.

Pre existing illnesses are very restricted on the cover.

Make sure you know what you are covered for.


Before you leave for an overseas trip, be sure to let your credit card companies know where you will be and when.

This will lessen the chances of having your credit card purchases in foreign countries declined.